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Fuerteventura, the Absolute Spot

Fuerteventura is, for many, one of the top places in the world for practicing water sports. It’s fortunate climate of eternal spring, it’s first-class waves, it’s consistent summer trade wind and warm waters, combined with more than 3.000 hours of sunshine per year and 150 kilometers of extraordinary white sandy beaches, make Fuerteventura a unique paradise for sea lovers. Fuerteventura is an outstanding location to practice water sports, but it also offers a wide range of activities… come and discover them all.


Thirty years ago, world class professionals and amateurs windsurfers from all around the world, discovered that Fuerteventura is an excellent place to practice windsurf for its wind reliability all year around, especially from mid May to mid September. Since then, it has become one of the top headquarters of the sport, which has its highest expression with the annually celebration in July of the Windsurfing & Kitesurfing World Cup competition in Sotavento, in the south of the island. Secured wind, hundreds of kilometers of turquoise coastline and wind waves… are the delight of windsurfers.


Not surprisingly, there are those who know the island as the “European Hawaii”, thanks to it’s endless spots of great waves that defy surfers. There is no other place in Europe with so many spots to choose to surf the majestic Atlantic Ocean. The quality of the waves surrounding the island is world famous for surfers around the world. In Fuerteventura there is a surf spot for every surfing level; the amount of sand bottom waves makes the island the best place to learn in Europe.


The “riders” have also found a paradise in Fuerteventura to practice kiteboard or kitesurf, thanks to it’s consistent wind all year around, while enjoying the unique natural environment that define the island. Professionals, amateurs and apprentices meet in different parts of the coast to relish one of the most modern and exciting water sports. Also, kiteboarding’s world elite, compete annually in both Freestyle & Big Air Grand Slam disciplines, during the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships held in August.


Fuerteventura is a treasure of nature. If enjoying the surface of the Atlantic Ocean it is a feast for the senses, doing it underwater it is not less. It’s coast is home of dozens of dive sites for both professional and amateurs divers. It’s bizarre submarine lava rivers combined with it’s turquoise waters with more than 390 different species and flora, all make the island one of the most attractive diving locations in Europe.

Sailing, kayaking, canoeing, boating, fishing or stand up paddle, so fashionable in recent years, are other activities that classify Fuerteventura as the absolute spot. So you know, if you’re thinking practice any of these exciting water sports at any time of year, Fuerteventura is your destination.

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